Church Grounds

Below are pictures of our old Grotto, and some suggestions for creating your own prayer garden. The Grotto had to be removed to accommodate the new parish building, but once the landscape is prepared, work will begin on a new Grotto/garden for the church.

St. Joesph's GrottoThe Grotto was located on the north side of the church, nestled among the trees. The Knights of Columbus began work on the Grotto in 1999. Many parishioners volunteered their time Statue of St. Josephand money to provide plants, landscaping materials and labor. The statue of St. Joseph was anonymously donated by a parishioner. The Grotto was finally completed in the Spring of 2003. Immediately following the Confirmation ceremony in May, Bishop Carlos Sevilla and Father Felix led a procession from the Park Center (where Mass was celebrated) up Washington Street to the Grotto, where Bishop Sevilla blessed the statue of St. Joseph and praised the efforts of the whole parish.

Peace roseCreate Your Own Prayer Garden

You can create your own prayer garden at home. Our Lady of Guadalupe roseChoose statues of St. Joseph, St. Francis of Assisi, the Virgin Mary, angels or cherubs. Many roses have names appropriate for a prayer garden: Peace, Emanuel, Jeanne d'Arc, Joseph's Coat, Compassion, Sympathie, Brother Cadfael, Easter Morning, Pleine de Grâce, and Our Lady of Guadalupe, a rose that was officially blessed by the Diocese of Los Angeles.

Lenten Rose helleboreOther good flowers include Christmas Rose and Lenten Rose (both varieties of hellebore), and Madonna lily (also known as Easter lily). Some herbs to plant are angelica, sweet violets, forget-me-nots, lavender, mint, thyme, sweet woodruff, sage and fennel. Monks traditionally used these herbs to create their renowned liqueurs.

Passionflower 'Blue Crown'Passionflower received its name from missionaries, who used the parts of the flower to explain the Passion of Christ to natives in the New World. Plant Passionflower in a pot, so you can move it indoors during the winter.

Dogwood is also linked to Christ. Legend tells that dogwood was used to make the cross upon which Christ died. Emanuel rose and cherub statue The dogwood then became so filled with sorrow that it pledged to grow crooked thereafter, so it could never again be used to crucify anyone.

Finally, add a fountain for birds and wildlife, and a bench or chair to sit on to enjoy your garden.