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Support Our Church

We're pleased to offer 2 extra ways to help donate to our parish. You can make your online shopping count for even more! Every time you buy with one of these methods, a small percentage comes back to the parish at no additional cost to you. It's easy!

Click on one of these methods to learn more about how you can support St. Joseph Church with your shopping!

Want to shop on Start here! Click any of the links below to start shopping. A small percentage of your purchase will go to support our parish.

How does it work? Each link contains a special code assigned to our parish. When you click any link, that code is attached to your order, so that a small percentage of your purchase is paid to our church. Every time you wish to shop on Amazon, just come here to click any link, so that our code gets attached to your order. Simple!

We've provided links for some items that may be of interest to you — but you can shop for whatever you want, even items from your own wish list. As long as you enter Amazon using one of the links below, your purchase generates a donation for our parish.

(Note: if items are refunded, we do not earn a donation.)


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Escrip makes it easy for your shopping to support our parish. You can register a store loyalty card (like a Safeway Club card), or a debit or credit card. A small percentage of purchases made with that card at participating merchants will be donated to St. Joseph's Church. Over 700 merchants participate in the program.

About Escrip:

Sign-up link:

After entering your information in Step 1, search for the name "Catholic Church-St. Joseph's" to select our parish as the beneficiary of your shopping. Then click the Sign Up button.

Main shopping link — use this page to shop online: